Shippers / Carriers

We are the transportation company that shippers and carriers have trusted since 1988!

Dynamic provides the finest in full service transportation consulting and brokerage services.

Shippers:  Whether your freight is temperature-controlled, dry van, flatbed or bulk in nature, we are the experienced team you want to work with.  Our experience encompasses both truckload as well as LTL shipments.  Dynamic's operation personnel are well-versed in providing the highest level of customer service to the shipping public.  We scrutinize our carriers carefully to make sure they have satisfactory insurance coverages on file.  We also monitor their published safety records to ensure that they adhere to the CSA 2010 safety standards.  If your freight is long-haul oriented, we can provide intermodal shipping solutions which may include substantial cost savings to you.  Our intermodal team can handle both dry van container as well as temperature-controlled shipments.  Add our ability to provide you with status reports whenever desired and you have the perfectly balanced solution you are seeking for your budgetary and customer service needs.

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your shipping needs.  We will be happy to discuss your particular needs and provide you with highly competitive freight rate quotations. 

Carriers:  Give us a call if you are interested in working with a team that has earned an outstanding reputation over the past 23 years.  Dynamic welcomes both larger sized carriers as well as the single owner-operator who has his own operating authority.  We are a family-owned business that genuinely cares about the drivers.  We are a little old-fashioned in that we still feel that hearing the driver's voice is very important to us.  It also allows us to gauge how the driver is feeling physically while transporting a load.  The safety of both the driver and motoring public has always been and will continue to be paramount at Dynamic. 

So whether you are a Shipper or a Carrier - we encourage you to give us a call today!  Dynamic is interested in forming new business relationships with Shippers and Carriers who still adhere to higher standards of quality and customer service.  We take this so seriously that we own the trademark "When Customer Service Counts".

Work with a financially stable company who genuinely wishes to see you and your company succeed in your endeavors.  Our longevity gives us an advantage over the competition - our people understand what is critically important to the financial well-being of both our customers and contractors.  We recognize that our success is dependent upon your success and we work very diligently at Dynamic to make that happen.

Give us a call today - we look forward to speaking with you!